“Excellent place to train. Great professor. Thank you for welcoming me from Atlanta.”
– Saima N Kamran

“Great school and much respect to Professor Marvins, a great bjj fighter and vet!”
– Jeff Messina

“I’ve trained in many different BJJ schools over the years and Gracie Barra Sugar Land is by far one of the best. Professor Brian may look like he might intimidate some of the little tikes, but my kids and all the other children absolutely love and respect him. He does an awesome job of teaching all three of my kids that range in age from 4-7. Since their time there they have grown to love this martial art and are bummed when we can’t make it to class. The adult program has also been a great experience! The camaraderie amongst the team is something very rare. Each person since my time there has helped me become better at BJJ and welcomed me with open arms. Thankful to be part of the Gracie Barra family!!!”
– Joe Fogarty

“Professor Brian is as legit as it gets! Great Jiu-Jitsu instruction but more importantly, he is an incredible human being. He devoted himself 100% to the development of his students and continuously works to keep himself in tip-top shape on and off the mats in order to be the best person he can be for those around him. Highly recommend RGHTX Sugarland.”
– Ricardo Castañeda

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